Reiki Courses

Appropriate for people of all ages, learning Reiki is an effective way of:

  • reducing stress & anxiety
  • taking an active role in preserving your health & well being
  • contributing balance to yourself & the world around you

It can be learned as a self-practice (a way of gently look after yourself), and a way of caring for friends, family and pets. You can also train as a Reiki practitioner or learn how to integrate Reiki within your current therapeutic practice.

How does it work?

By balancing the part of your nervous system responsible for stress and relaxation and helping restore balance to your whole being, Reiki enables you to make contact with your deeper self, beyond your thoughts and feelings. This assists a feeling of connection to a wider world, aiding perspective, contentment and presence in relationships.

Reiki can therefore aid emotional intimacy in relationships and support your personal sense of spirituality, through connection with your deeper self and the world around you. It is a simple and effective way of reducing the impact of stress on your life.

Students have included people with particularly challenging personal lives. For example, those responding to the impacts of high pressure jobs, carers and parents of young people with autism.

Once learned Reiki stays with you for life. It can be used as a tool for self-care (self-practice), enabling you to support your own well-being, also providing a means of caring for your friends and family.

Reiki is beneficial for people whose personal lives and/or work involves caring for and tuning into others, as it supports sensitivity to the felt sense and acts as an accessible means of holistic self-care.

Students I have trained who are counsellors have reported an increased sense of attunement and ability to offer the core conditions, including advanced empathy.

Dawnie Browne Reiki in Durham & Newcastle

Reiki level I:

This is the foundation of the Reiki system. Spread over a Saturday and Sunday, a quiet Friday evening is advised as calming preparation for Reiki I, which is recommended for self-practice and giving Reiki to friends and family.  Over a very intensive two-days you:

  • enter into a state of profound relaxation & connection to a wider world, as you are opened to your own energetic & nervous system
  • learn simple techniques for giving Reiki to self, friends, family & pets
  • develop confidence in using the skills you learn through carefully supported practice in a safe learning environment

I offer 2-day Reiki Level 1 courses (10am – 4pm both days) in response to request. The cost is £230.

Reiki level II:

Reiki II is the follow up to Reiki level I.  As well as refreshing and expanding on the basic techniques and principles acquired in Reiki I, Reiki II deepens your connection with Reiki. It enables you to send Reiki at a distance to someone who may be in another location or part of the world and to offer a hands on mental healing.

The cost is £270.

Class sizes are purposefully small, enabling you to receive sensitively given one-to-one attention. For dates of upcoming courses please get in touch.

Reiki for organisations

I also teach within organisations. For further information about this get in touch.

My training and experience

My training followed the original tradition of the Japanese Usui Reiki system of natural healing, plus additional study in massage, yoga, meditation and Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology.

Under the supervision of Thailand based Reiki Teacher Beatrix Schilcher I served a three and a half year Apprenticeship.  This included two years of training in Thailand where I practiced under Beatrix’s direct supervision, gaining vast clinical experience.

With experience spanning over 25 years Beatrix was initiated in Reiki by one of the world’s leading exponents of the Usui Reiki system. Her example is embodied in the very gentle, informed and safe learning space I provide for students and in my provision of an equally nurturing treatment space.

To know more about Reiki and my experience training as a Reiki Apprentice in Thailand click here.

Kiwi Mountain image for Reiki Courses in Durham & Newcastle

‘It’s become part of a range of self-care techniques I use. I sometimes sleep badly due to menopausal night sweats and I think Reiki has helped. Even if I can’t get back to sleep it helps soothe me. Overall it has been transformative. I feel I now embody an air of calm and am better able to offer the core conditions to clients with full authenticity. It transcends every day concerns and I feel I carry with me tools to help myself and others that I can use in all kinds of situations.’

Hospice Counsellor