Breath Perception®

‘Thank you Dawnie for your wonderful training on Breath Perception. I left feeling calmer and much more in control of my life. Your Authenticity shines through and has been very inspirational to witness. You have taught me a lot, not only about Breath Perception but about myself as a person and counsellor. Thank you so much!’
Female, 20s

‘I can’t believe I have been alive for 31 years and never known I can feel this way. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life’.

Client with recent Cancer diagnosis, 30s

‘That was really good. I have not felt that relaxed for years.’

‘That was really enjoyable. I did not think that changing the way I breathe would have such an effect.’

‘I think my body must have forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.’

‘During the session I became really hot and it was like I could feel all the tension/pain in my body leaving through my feet, my hands and my face, I didn’t feel drained but it was like my body just suddenly remembered what it felt like to be relaxed. You could of cooked an egg on me.’

‘I have not slept this well in ages.’

‘I felt really good the next day.’

‘I use the techniques to clear my mind of all the noise and I sleep better.’

‘I was feeling very overwhelmed with things going on in my life, but by using the techniques I was able to control the feelings of extreme anxiety and calm myself down, it felt great that it did not escalate.’

Attendees of a one-day workshop organised by Darlington Association on Disability

‘When I’ve been at the strongest point of my anger and the lowest point of hurt/pain – those nights, I’ve had 5 minutes when I went to bed to do the breathing and listened to your voice and it calmed me down, relaxed me so I could sleep.’

Client living with chronic pain

‘I first came to Dawnie in October 2015, after having crippling anxiety attacks, intrusive images and constant low mood as a result of a traumatic experience. Immediately, I felt safe comfortable and able to express everything I felt under her care. Day to day life was becoming increasingly difficult, and after I discovered my problems were due to an onset of OCD disorder, me and Dawnie tackled the issues I was facing week to week, at my pace, whatever felt best for me. It was a great relief to finally share my problem with someone who genuinely cared, and acted as a saviour in such a dire time. With a mixture of verbal counselling and breathing exercises, which included methods to manipulate or control your breathing to help bodily functions, within months I was beginning to feel positive affects of my work, back to feeling myself again. During a time when I thought I would be ‘stuck this way forever’ or ‘doomed’ Dawnie reassured me and kept the upmost confidence in me every step of the way. Whatever your issue I believe she will be the best solution, for the most worrying problem or traumatic event, Dawnie will be able to help you no matter what the issue, and her clients who’s lives have dramatically improved are a testament to this statement. After my work with Dawnie, I can confidently say I am back to how I was before my trouble began, and will remember all of the advice and techniques for breath perception I have learned from her throughout my life, and will help me for future stressful or difficult events. Do not hesitate to seek help quickly, your darkest times are merely temporary and such a small part of your huge life, and will make you ready to cope with any future hurdles. I would particularly recommend breath perception offered by Dawnie to anxiety sufferers of any form, it dramatically improved my day to day life and made my OCD irrelevant when I chose. Good luck and never give up.’

Josh, 16

‘I have had blood pressure problems for years and despite medication was always on the high side (130 to 135). This time it was 117 – 78. Since doing the session with you my blood pressure has returned the best results in fifteen years plus I find my asthma is easier to manage. I have also noticed that I feel a lot calmer with my sleep pattern improving. For ten years I have managed on four to five hours sleep, now I am using the alarm to wake me as I am doing that magical eight hours again.’

Client with history of sleep & blood pressure difficulties workshop participant, 20s

‘I personally find it difficult to relax and so the session was a great help to me.  I like the fact that I was able to take away with me a coping strategy which I could tap into whenever I wanted. I found it very rewarding to see a group of carers supporting each other and able to enjoy some time for themselves. I think the carers have gained a useful tool which would help them to relax. Our feedback told us that they thoroughly enjoyed the session, would love to do it again and felt that you were a powerful but gentle presence. They felt they were going home a calmer person.’

Staff member, Darlington Association of Disability

‘The Breath Perception workshop was incredibly worthwhile. Dawnie explained the technique perfectly. I never had felt comfortable monitoring/changing my breathing rate before but how Breath Perception was done felt very natural. The emphasis on the natural greatly helped. I also liked that despite the workshop being with several others, you felt able to do what was needed for you and talk freely. This experience has greatly improved my quality of life. I began to use Breath Perception in moments of intense anxiety, as well as in moments of slighter worry. This always brings me back to reality and to calmness. The power of the service is incredible and something I would highly recommend anyone who has felt any level of anxiety to try.’

University student, 20s

‘Thank you for what you have done with my daughter. She is coping much better with the techniques you taught her and is so happy that the pain in her chest has disappeared. We have been so worried about her. It is so good to have our happy, bright, lovable daughter back. Thank you.’

Mother of workshop participant

‘Thanks so much again for the workshop. I took away the fundamental realisation that the breath is a really powerful tool to combat anxiety, and it also really helped to be in a room with other people experiencing similar issues- I learnt that I’m not alone and whilst my experience is individual and personal I’m not experiencing anything that other people can’t empathise with. It was also really nice to consider my sensitivity to particular situations in a positive light. Remember how I mentioned a persistent tightness in my chest? well that has almost completely gone, and I feel much more able to breathe which is absolutely brilliant. I find myself mentally checking in with myself on a regular basis now to make sure I’m breathing properly and I’m astounded by how much calmer I am. I’ve also found the ‘chi’ exercise very useful. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable and useful experience and I’d like to broaden and deepen my understanding of breathing techniques in the future, so please keep in touch!’

Workshop participant and the daughter of the mother speaking in the feedback above (Phd student, early 20s)

‘The breathing is really remarkable’.

Female hospice worker 

‘Breath Perception has made it a lot easier to cope with the pain caused by my hypermobility and it’s easier to sleep at night. There’s been times when, because of my age I’ve been scared for no reason and it’s helped me to deal with that. And, hormones too… stopping myself from being weepy or ecstatic when I don’t need to be and with anger. It’s helped with anger. Overall, it’s helped me feel a lot better about myself’. 

Female client, age 13 living with hypermobility & chronic pain

‘Breath perception has changed my life. I was having really bad panic attacks that were making my life a misery and also a few mental welfare issues such as depression. Over a period of time using the techniques my panic attacks stopped. My asthma is loads better and it’s helped me take personal control of situations in which I previously felt powerless. Being able to do this using something as simple as breathing is amazing. I no longer feel that breathing is something that just happens but something I can focus on positively.’ 

Female client, 40s

‘It helps me manage bowel and period cramps which have been an ongoing problem in my life and I’ve also returned to driving after 30 years of avoiding it due to anxiety. I have used Breath Perception to control and manage my anxiety when I’m in the car, and can actually drive 15 miles to work and back now!’

Psychotherapist, 50s

‘When I came I had breathing issues – raspy, shortness of breath. I was unable to relax. Breathing felt heavy. Now, I can do my breathing before bed. It helps me relax and get to sleep, rather than stressing over the next day, which has given me a better quality of life. The breathing has given me some control back, so I feel calmer. It’s helping me with changes by giving me the time and a place in which to concentrate on my breathing and throw everything else out – which is hard in normal life’.

Male client, 40s living with HIV 

‘I managed to pull myself out of a depression faster than ever before and I can turn my pain down from 8 to 4.’

Female client, 60s living with chronic pain


Psychiatrist, Durham University Young Peoples’ Mental Health Conference

‘When the doctor recommended I come to you for breathing I thought, ‘what is breathing going to do for me? I already breathe’. People don’t know there’s an alternative way of breathing. It gets really deep in your organs and in a short space of time they feel nourished. It’s helped me go from 20 cigarettes a day to 6 and then to give up completely. It’s been a really different kind of experience in a good way and I’m going to use it for the rest of my life’.

Male patient, late 50s living with chronic pain

‘This workshop felt like having an internal massage. My painful back has disappeared. I went into a state of relaxation I have never experienced before in my life.’

BACP – Association of University & College Counsellors Annual Conference

‘I feel a peace in myself I haven’t felt in years. My headache has gone. My neck doesn’t hurt anymore. My body feels completely different. I don’t feel dizzy and I feel happier.’

Female client, 60s with Parkinsons Disease

‘It has been amazing. I was able to feel sensation in parts of my body that usually have no sensation. It has helped when I am anxious, nervous and angry. It really calms me down. It’s made me more confident in myself. I feel I have learned how to explain myself better. It just gives you a feeling of calm inside. Everything feels calm. My exhaustion level was 10 out of 10 at the start of today’s session and now it is 3.’

Female client, 40s living with Fibromyalgia

‘So far (after 3 days) breathing has reduced pain of my mouth ulcers and stopped a palpitation in one deep breath. I am a mother of young children and sometimes it is very hard to get a break.  Breath Perception® helps you have time out, when time out isn’t possible’.

Stay at home mum

‘Breath Perception is really useful for a range of clients – very useful for high levels of distress.’

Hospice counsellor

‘I have osteoarthritis which causes chronic pain in my shoulder, knee and previously my legs and other shoulder until it was replaced. I also have chronic bronchitis which effects my breathing and mobility. Alongside taking painkillers I use Breath Perception. It helps to relax the areas where I have pain and also loosens my chest up. If I didn’t know about Breath Perception I wouldn’t know how to help myself with my pain and my breathing. It makes me more relaxed and helps me sleep when I have problems in the night’.

Client with COPD, arthritis & chronic pain

‘It’s good with people with COPD or with people getting into a state of anxiety.I use it to bring anxiety down.’

Hospice Therapy Assistant

‘I came to today’s session after a night shift, feeling exhausted. After learning the technique I felt energised and completely different. I have used it over the past few weeks and I find it works much faster than the self-hypnosis I have been practicing for a while now. Powerful’.

Paramedic, 30s

‘A constant twitching of the left side of my face, that made me extremely self conscious, shattering my self confidence brought me to Breath Perception. Breath Perception nudged me in the right direction such that my own brain is now healing myself.’

Male client, 40s with self – esteem difficulties

‘Before I came to the workshop my health was affected by post-operative pain in my head, neck, shoulders and back and I was also suffering from IBS (both diet and stress related).  After learning the technique and doing it every day I have only taken one half dose of my IBS meds due to something I ate!  I do it in the morning and I feel like it prepares me for the day.’

Counsellor with a history of IBS & cancer

‘Dawnie delivered this with such gentle intention and her respect for everyone in the workshop was very evident. A very enabling presenter.’

Durham Uni. Young People’s Mental Health Conference

‘I feel more centred and can share many aspects of it with clients, ranging from exam/work stress to PTSD’.

BACP Counselling Children & Young Peoples’ Annual Conference on Risk