Reiki Testimonials

‘Dawnie is warm, patient and I instantly felt comfortable in her presence. My Reiki session with
was transformational, my whole body, as a result, felt rejuvenated, more than what I was expecting. I would highly recommend her Reiki services to anyone.’
Female, age 26

‘Thank you Dawnie, for such an enlightening weekend and giving me that missing piece of the jigsaw that I have been searching for in my 52years.’
Nurse Practitioner

‘It has been incredible. A genuinely life changing experience in the best possible way. I feel more myself, connected and ‘right’ than ever. I have enjoyed the mixture of discussion, explanation, practice and development in such a kind, nurturing and safe environment. I am taking away a great sense of wellbeing, love and hope.’
Youth Development Worker, 20s  

‘I understand my needs better so I know how to nurture myself and I can tune into other people better, to patients and families and to know what they need. Attunement. It is that. I can get off the treadmill and slow the treadmill down. It’s a calmness.’
Family Support Worker, Hospice  

‘It’s become part of a range of self-care techniques I use. I sometimes sleep badly due to menopausal night sweats and I think Reiki has helped. Even if I can’t get back to sleep it helps soothe me. Overall it has been transformative. I feel I now embody an air of calm and am better able to offer the core conditions to clients with full authenticity. It transcends every day concerns and I feel I carry with me tools to help myself and others that I can use in all kinds of situations.  I feel like my emotional shoulders are broader. It leaves you in tact, helps you look after yourself. I feel like I can give more and not be diminished by it. I can give more and then be ready for the next person. You’ve got more capacity. I feel like I’ve got more there. The well is a bit deeper. It means you can go home feeing less drained, safe. I’ve been following my instincts. I feel able to do just what seems right. The more I do it the easier it seems. Giving yourself permission to come back to ourselves and get on with the other bits of our lives.  It really fits in with self-acceptance. Self-healing to me connects with that.  The Reiki has put a full stop to that self-acceptance. When people are struggling. There are a few parts from my past that can make me feel vulnerable and it’s like I can soothe myself. It’s helpful in really profound ways.’
Hospice Counsellor 

‘I’ve always been a pragmatist and never thought of myself having a spiritual side. It gives your peace of mind.  I’m starting to get really chilled out.  Peace of mind, the most valuable thing on earth. You’re always gonna have difficult things in life but if you can have a peaceful mind then you’re gonna’ be alright.’
retired nurse, hospice volunteer

‘A powerful, profound and life changing experience. For fellow counsellors this course has had a direct impact on my capacity to offer the core conditions both to myself and my clients in ways that are beyond words and that are powerfully transformative. I have already experienced an increase and change in the love and acceptance I can offer myself and clients I work with. I am able to access my inner life more readily (less “clunky”) to help myself sense how I am feeling’. – Hospice Counsellor

‘I felt anxious before starting the course. But I feel as if a great weight of worry has been lifted from me. I feel relaxed, calm and more confident. I have realised how important self-care is and how this can impact on other people. I have really enjoyed the course’
Hospice Worker

‘As a therapist, I feel more able to be in the present with clients. For myself, I feel I can start to feel love for myself which I have never felt before’. 
Hospice Counsellor

‘I feel more aware of my own inner person, recognising and feeling things I’ve never felt or noticed before. I feel a confidence I didn’t know I had and so full of life. Dawnie paced the course was perfectly and allowed us to express ourselves, adapting the course for our needs. I feel calmer and more relaxed with a new awareness of myself and an understanding of self-care, how to look after myself’.
Family Support Worker, hospice

‘This training has opened my mind to a new level. I feel like there is a whole new world for me to experience. For anyone thinking of engaging in Reiki, please do. It is an amazing feeling’.
Hospice worker

‘I came to Reiki due to my wish to contribute to the wider world in a healing way. I have gained a sense of groundedness, how to work with myself to supports others and the permission to slow, pause, feel love. The teaching was gently led in a paced way allowing us both to talk about what we needed to. Reiki offers the chance to pause and remember the greater universal connection and gift of love.’
Female counsellor & psychotherapist, 50s

‘A fantastic experience. The pace flowed and was very relaxed, yet efficient. It’s been a wonderful way for me to kick start getting to know me and also being able to help my family and friends along the way.’
Female, 20s

‘Learning Reiki has made me in tune with who I really am. I feel I have grown in many ways, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learning Reiki over two days was a perfect way to learn – it was not hurried or rushed, just the right balance. Dawnie gently guided us through through the whole weekend. I had surgery only two weeks ago on my abdomen and on completing the weekend I found my pain has diminished and I feel so full of energy’.
Female, 40s

‘Reiki has made me feel calm and relaxed. The teaching was excellent and I am grateful for the encouragement I received at difficult times’.
Male, 60s

‘Through learning Reiki I feel I got some tools to help others and myself be happier, healthier, more positive and open. The Reiki teaching was very loving, patient and encouraging’.
Female, 60s

‘This has been a really special weekend. I have loved being with you and **** and am leaving feeling completely at ease with myself. You have helped me to see that I am precious in my own right and that I need to give myself the love I am so good at giving to others. I feel like I have a sort of secret in my heart and soul now. I can see that I have much joy in my life and I am excited for the future. My reason for learning Reiki was to help my special boy (son). He has Autism and has ‘closed down’ rather than face his life. My first session with him left him gentle and relaxed. He slept all night for the first time in ages, without medication’.
Special Needs Teacher, 50s

‘Reiki is a fantastic way to take some time out and get back in touch with yourself. Dawnie’s enthusiasm for teaching is inspiring’.
Lawyer, 30s

‘The things that usually make me angry don’t since I learned Reiki. I am more relaxed and calmer.’
 Social Worker

‘Reiki has changed the way I understand myself and how I take care of myself. It’s like having a friend inside.’ – Graphic Designer, 30s

‘My pain goes from 8 down to 4. This gives me a lot of relief and improves my quality of life.’
Female, 60s living with chronic pain

‘I felt so relaxed and went home as if I didn’t have a care in the world. I had the best nights sleep in over five years since my condition started and when I woke up my mind was no where near as busy.’
Client living with a chronic illness

‘I have slept well every night since my last Reiki session…that has to be a record…’
Female, late 30s

‘I really enjoyed the session and felt much more relaxed after it.’
male, late teens with self-esteem difficulties

‘I feel the treatment has shifted things around. Something in my throat has cleared. I felt energised, like I wanted to go for a run. My body felt bouncy which it hasn’t for a very long time’.- Counsellor & Psychotherapist

‘I haven’t felt this comfortable in a very long time. I had a headache for weeks and now it has gone. And I slept all night, awaking feeling like my well being was greatly improved’.
Client, 60s

‘With Reiki I can relax. When I wake up in the night in pain, instead of taking sleeping tablets, I give myself Reiki. It helps me fall back to sleep again.’
Client, 60s

‘Your touch and empathy are a gift. The pain I had been feeling in my body quickly left me and I experienced a sense of wellbeing that stayed with me for days.’
Client living with anxiety

‘For the first three nights after receiving Reiki, she was asleep by 8:30. It usually takes until 11 o’clock’.’
Parent of a 10 year old client