Breath Perception®

What is Breath Perception®?

Breath Perception® is a powerful method of improving your quality and supporting your own peace of mind, using your breath and nervous system. It is appropriate if you are:

• Seeking ways of managing stress, by learning to relax & quiet your mind
• Suffering from stress & anxiety
• Overwhelmed by strong feelings such as anger, low self-esteem & sadness
• In a life situation that offers you little time to rest
• In recovery from trauma (including sexual abuse/violence)
• Seeking ways of enhancing intimacy/connection with your partner through shared relaxation & mutual care
• Caring for someone/people experiencing emotional, psychological or physical difficulties – including children suffering from problems associated with attachment
• Suffering from an interruption to your health that causes you mental & physical distress
• In a personal or professional position in which your success/effectiveness is reliant upon your presence & emotional resilience
• Experiencing problems with concentration, sleep & decision-making
• In a situation where you can’t see the woods for the trees & you need to find a way of centering & grounding yourself

The outcome of 13 years of research into the role of breathing in assisting recovery and optimising wellbeing and quality of life; It is grounded in Physiology, Humanistic Psychology and Eastern wellbeing practices endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (N.I.C.E) and the Mental Health Foundation in the treatment of difficulties associated with stress and anxiety.

By cumulatively re-balancing the part of your nervous system that controls stress and relaxation, Breath Perception® enables you to look after your mind, body, emotions and spirit, providing easy-to-use self-care tools for life. By integrating this powerful method in your daily routine you can prevent avoidable illness, improve your quality of life and live to your potential. Read more.

You can learn in a workshop, by booking three one-on-one sessions with me or by hiring me to work as a trainer in your organisation. If you have any questions please get in touch.

The researched benefits include:

  • reduced stress & anxiety
  • improved ability to sleep & relax
  • enhanced concentration & performance
  • Improved health
  • reduced pain & suffering in people living with chronic & life limiting conditions
  • the ability to manage strong feelings
  • enhanced self-confidence & self-esteem
  • effectiveness & presence in relationships
  • enhanced connection & peace of mind
  • the ability to face fears
  • assertiveness
  • enhanced physical capacity (ease of breathing when cycling, swimming & running)
  • increased self-awareness
  • a calmer mind
  • feeling grounded & centred
  • the ability to gain & maintain perspective
  • mindfulness affects (the ability to experience the present moment more fully instead of thinking about the past & future)

Why learn about breathing when it happens naturally?

Your nervous system continuously strives to maintain balance (homeostasis), adjusting the conditions inside you to meet the demands of daily life. Your capacity to manage stress is reliant upon your nervous system moving fluidly between the relaxed ‘being’ state of rest and repose and the active ‘doing’ state of fight, flight or freeze.

When the demands of life exceed your body’s need for rest, your nervous system unconsciously resets itself to chronic stress mode and you forget how to relax. Your mind races, your body becomes tense, your self-esteem is interrupted, you fall sick more easily and lose your capacity to thrive.

By re-balancing the part of your nervous system that control stress and relaxation, nourishing the inner environment of your body, Breath Perception® puts you back in control, so you can lead the best life possible.

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